Does your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus have no audio during a phone call and take a long time to boot? Your phone may be suffering from Audio IC issues.


  • No audio during a phone call
  • Long boot times
  • Speaker button greyed out during a phone call
  • Voice memo’s greyed out or says no audio device detected
  • Static during phone calls
  • Siri unable to hear your voice commands

What does this mean and can it be fixed?!

Luckily this issue is repairable and we repair many phones with these issues every week. This issue is caused by a loose pad or pads below the Audio IC chip and is a design flaw as this issue occurs on many of the 7 and 7 Plus models. The C12 pad lifts away from the board and causes these issues. We remove and re-ball this Audio IC Chip and run 4 micro jumpers to prevent this from happening again!


If you are looking to have this repaired simply contact us or drop in to our location to have it repaired!