I dropped my iPhone & now it’s dead! Help!!!

Have you dropped your iPhone only to have it become completely dead and unresponsive? Taken it to another repair shop who has tested a new battery, charge port, screen only to say it’s dead and needs replaced?

Or maybe you left it plugged in to charge and woken up the next morning to find out it no longer turns on?

Many things can happen to your device to cause it to be dead and unresponsive.

When charging your Apple device with a Lightning cable, make sure you are using an MFI Certified charging cable. Cables that have not been MFI Certified by Apple do not have the proper chips & voltage protection built in and can fry your logic board or chips on your logic board and cause many problems. Some of these problems include rapid battery drain and a dead iPhone!

We have successfully recovered hundreds of iPhones from beyond the grave!!

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